Maddie's Fund Animal Care Expo
An annual event with over 2,000 animal care experts, professionals and newbies from around the globe to learn new skills and strategies to find pets homes, keep pets in homes, engage your community, humanely manage community cat populations and more!

Project Overview:
As the leading sponsor for the event, the marketing materials for the event branched from its booth to its ads. 
Maddie's Fund is the main sponsor for the Animal Care Expo. Each year, they have ads to the expo marketing materials such as the app, magazines, and radio announcements. The booth is the main attraction that has games to play, and prizes to win. During the event, Maddie's Fund also has guest speakers to talk about scholarships and ways that people can participate. 
My Role: 
As the sole designer, I collaborated with department leaders to design all of the event's visuals: posters, giveaways, ads, games, puzzles, banners, booth decor, and more.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
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