ARRIS Campaigns: Footwear Industry
Project Overview:
Additive Molding for Performance Footwear
ARRIS partners with top brands to manufacture the highest-performance footwear. Leading footwear designers are leveraging a first-of-its-kind manufacturing technology and materials to create 3D-optimized, continuous carbon fiber plates in ways not previously possible.
Using ARRIS focused-industries as the product to create campaigns and future opportunity methods to promote next-gen manufacturing technologies.
My Role: 
Research footwear industries and events, collaborate with the team on the timeline for publishing, creative content creation for FAQs, social media, and websites, storyboard, and collaborate for the campaign video, update SEO. 
Advanced materials such as carbon fiber can turn effort into excellence more efficiently — not only is there an opportunity to rethink carbon plate designs in footwear, but better sustainability must also be addressed.

Consumer products & sports such as Performance Footwear is ARRIS' main industry focus for marketing. Research shows that every footwear company is moving forward with a more sustainable lighter manufacturing method. 

Creating a campaign that influenced ARRIS' capabilities and targeted our audience and competitors was essential.
We took an industry-focused, lean design sprint approach to create the best possible visual experience. From researching how our audience interacts with our brand, we created multiple steps using a customer journey map. 

The team developed a media strategy with multiple channels and mediums to attract our targeted audiences from different points. With a tight deadline, we created a campaign that will be focused on key milestones and events from stakeholders that will bring brand awareness, thought leadership, and future opportunities. 
Platforms used: WordPress, Linkedin, Youtube, Pardot Email, Instagram, Twitter

With multiple activities implemented, all efforts go through post-measurement. Tracking engagement, follow-up, and leads. 

Timeline: Involved multiple campaigns that connected with Footwear Industry

BTS: Collaborating with Video Specialists in Model Placement and Timing

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