Equipment Tool Rental App 
Project Overview:
Designing an app that can overcome common challenges people face trying to rent tools instead of buying them.
The Tool Rental app simplifies the tasks that the users have to perform in order to achieve their goals: where the user can search for and rent tools.
The app uses a radius to find locals that sign up to rent out their tools so that you can rent out whatever tools are needed for your small or big project. If no tool is not listed to rent, the app has a tap that searches local tool shops around your area to rent. 
My Role: 
Research, Flowchart, UI/UX Mobile Design Editing, Prototype Component State Interactions, Testing Interactions and Components for Mobile
Instead of purchasing a tool that will only be used a few times per its lifespan, why not rent it? 
This peer-to-peer rental marketplace app will make equipment tools renting from around your community easier with a mobile-friendly and responsive design.
Generate additional income with your items through customized listings, rental rates, availability, and pickup or delivery options. All transactions are processed through a secure third-party payment platform. Earn money, save money, and help reduce the consumption of goods while positively impacting the environment.
Defining the Flow
Information Architecture: Device Configuration
The flowchart shows how the platform would be organized from research to testing. Collecting possible pain points, opportunities, business goals, and user goals, mapping the user journey had to be simple and organized. 
Less is more, need for simplicity.
Ideal setup is no setup with the ability to come back later to configure advanced options.
Features must be prioritized and have a sense of finality.
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